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A New Name • Part Two
God attaches joy to sacrifice. Our joy, our sacrifice, and our purpose are all tied together for God’s purpose. Our lives are meant to be a living offering to Him. We must first make a careful exploration of WHO we are.  Read More »
A New Name • Part One
A new name is not about changing the identity of an institution. It is about changing ourselves and becoming something new in Christ. God renames people often for a reason and a purpose. A new name is about going in a new direction, a bigger direction.  Read More »
School of Worship
School of Worship
Church Unlimited School of Worship is designed to identify, encourage and cultivate students' passion for music and direct it towards the purpose of glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ through worship.  Click here to sign up »
The One Thing - A New Name
Starting today, Bay Area Fellowship has taken on a new name. In this week's message, Pastor Bil Cornelius reveals the new name and the vision God has given him for the future of our church.  Watch On YouTube »
Rescue House
Rescue House of South Texas
The Rescue House is a place where victims of human trafficking will find a secure and loving environment to be renewed and restored by our dedicated staff. The purpose behind this process is to give these young women a hand up while they work towards getting back on their feet and finding their way.  Visit The Rescue House Website »
One Step • Part Two
Because all success is built on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, having many wise advisors will bring us success. There may be paths that seem right to us, but in the end they are not. This is the value advisors bring to us, the ability to discern where the right path is.  Read More »
Rescue House
A Woman Was Rescued This Week!
Because of you, a young woman was rescued and brought to our Rescue House this past Sunday! Thank you for your continued support! Together, we are making a great impact in our community!  View Post On Instagram »
One Step • Part One
Each journey begins with one step followed by another then another. Oftentimes, we have a picture of all the things we want to accomplish for God’s kingdom, but are confused on where to go next or expect to get there right away.  Read More »
Weekend Message
The One Thing • One Step
You could be one step away from unleashing a domino effect of God's blessings in your life. In this message, Pastor Bil Cornelius talks about taking the right steps in order to accomplish your goals and desires.  Watch On YouTube »