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Helping People Live an Unlimited Life Through Jesus.
Church Unlimited is committed to changing lives
through the relevant message of Jesus Christ.
What's Going On At Church Unlimited
Go - The Reason For Go
In the first week of “Go”, we learn that Church Unlimited’s mission is to take as many people to Heaven as we can before we die. Period. In this message, Pastor Bil Cornelius talks about the importance of this mission and how all of us play a big role in spreading the message of Jesus Christ.  Watch on YouTube »
GO - New Series
Through Church Unlimited, we have the opportunity to go out and change lives like never before. Join us this weekend for our new series "GO" and learn how being all-in for Jesus means being all-in for saving lives.  Get Directions »
Inside The Mind Of A COO
Leadership means being a team player first and foremost. In this week’s message, Church Unlimited gets a glimpse into the mind of a COO and what it means to be the team player everybody wants.  Watch on YouTube »
Clint Gresham
When you become faithful to God's Will, there's no end to what you can achieve. In this message, Pastor Bil Cornelius welcomes Corpus Christi's own Clint Gresham of the Seattle Seahawks to hear about his heart for Jesus.  Watch on YouTube »
Church Unlimited in San Antonio
Church Unlimited's weekly services in San Antonio will continue this Sunday at 6:00pm at Jose M. Lopez Middle School. Join us and be a part of what God is doing in San Antonio through Church Unlimited!  Get Directions »
Become a Mighty Man!
What one man can do alone is nothing compared to the combined strength of many! Church Unlimited is ready to unify and mobilize our greatest "Mighty Men”. We are looking for men who will commit to becoming the spiritual leader in their home, their church, their workplace, and in the community!  Click here to sign up »
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